Best cold sores remedies

If you are suffering from cold sores, you need to find remedy in order to find a quick and effective remedy. Before we go for the cold sore remedies, we need to understand what cold sores are. These are itchy and painful blister, sometimes referred to as fever blisters. When these blisters appear around the mouth or on the surfaced of the skin, one knows that they have an infection brought about by the herpes virus.

The condition is high contagious, given that it is caused by a virus. This virus spreads very fast; hence it is highly likely to recur once the skin breaks, releasing some fluids.

There are many remedies  for cold sores which one can resort to in order to manage the condition. These are as follows:

Over-the –counter medications

You will not find a definite cure for the cold sores, though one can prevent the spread and ease the discomfort. There are gels and creams available in pharmacies which could be used in offering pain relief and easing the symptoms of cold sores.

Hot /cold compresses

Once the symptoms show, it would be necessary to use all available options. A cold compress involves the use of a cold pack to relieve the pain and discomfort. Heat can be applied in the affected area afterwards in order to deal with the problem.


The use of the antiviral has increased in the recent years. The best creams include Acyclovir, Doconasol and Denavir. These creams are sold on prescription only, meaning that one should first consult a doctor before using it. If you use the cream as prescribed, the sore will heal fast.


These are given by the doctor in the form of the antibiotics. They include Famcyclovir and valacyclovir which are used in helping reduce the time it takes to heal from a debilitative effect of a cold sore.

For cold sore remedies, you need as solution so that you can achieve the following three things:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Healing

The above 3 things can be achieved if only you are able to use the various remedies available. You will come across the anti-viral treatments, anti-bacterial treatments, gels and creams. All these are available in the form of the over-the –counter medications. The others are available in the form of antibiotics oral pills and supplements. The latter includes the following:

Tea tree oil

This herbal treatment is available to help treat and manage the cold sores. The oil is effective in fighting bacteria and as an antiseptic; it ensures that the virus does not spread more.

Eucalyptus oil

The other example of cold sore remedies includes eucalyptus oil which is very effective as a decongestant. It has anti-inflammatory properties and curative powers to kill the herpes virus.


The herb is used to make tea which is effective in dealing with the cold sores. In order to heal the herpes or cold sores, you will need to use the oil drops of the natural herb.

Anti-viral medications

In the absence of the home remedies as above, one can use anti-viral medications which are sold in two forms, i.e the creams and oral pills. If taken   on time, they combat the herpes which causes the cold sores, offering one immediate relief from the condition.However, it is important to point out that you will not need these medications as often as you would think; they are taken if you have tried other remedies. The reason behind this is the fact that viral infections don’t respond to such treatment. They usually clear on their own.


The use of the analgesics is for the management of pain as opposed to the curative aspect. Examples include Tylenol and ibuprofen.

Ointment and gels

The best cold sores remedies   include the ointments and gels which are formulated for relieving one from pain. Example includes Lidocaine and Dibucaine.

It is important to use skin protectant jelly like the petroleum jelly. This jelly will prevent the drying and cracking, hence offering one the relief from the condition. It heals the sores as well.

Antiseptic soaps are highly effective in killing germs; hence one should wash the sores using these soaps.

There are many other cold sore remedies but these would offer you a head start.

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