Best essential oils for mouth sores

When it comes to the mouth sores, one will be infected fever blisters appearing on the lips, corners of the mouth and the skin. The condition is caused by the herpes virus. Some fluids appear in the affected areas of the skin and when the wounds break, the skin hardens and become crusty in 10 days.

There are essential oils for mouth sores which one can use to manage the condition. The following are some of the oils that one should go for in case of the mouth sores outbreak.

Tea tree oil

The oil is one of the best essential oils for mouth sores. The oil contains antibacterial and anti-viral properties, hence highly effective in the treatment of mouth sores. This oil works on the blisters, healing them and stopping father spread of the virus .In order to use it for effective relief, place a few drops on a cotton ball on the affected areas at least twice a day. Each time, you apply; use a different Q-tip or cotton ball to prevent re-infection. One notable thing about the oil is that it has some side effects like irritation unless it is applied under the guidance of a doctor.


The oil is highly effective given the fact that it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Just like the tea tree oil, the eucalyptus oil is highly effective in fighting infections.Once used on time; the oil reduces the infection lasts. This would mean that one recovers faster from the infection. It also helps in providing relief from the pain from the mouth sores.

The chamomile oil is important oil that could offer relief from the debilitating effects of the mouth sore. Whether you use it in the form of oil or as tea, it will offer you the much needed relief. The oil soothes the skin and restores it after the damage by the herpes.

Aloe Vera

The oil from this herbal plant is highly preferred for treatment and prevention from viral infections such as cold sores. If you are suffering from mouth sores, you only need to prepare an aloe Vera solution which will quickly and effectively eliminate the blisters on the skin. When applied as soon as it shows up, one will be able to reduce in the size of the infection.

Rosemary oil

The oil from this herbal plant is useful providing treatment from the mouth sores. The oil has curative, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-viral properties .All these properties are highly useful in providing healing from the fever blisters. The herpes virus is responsible for the infection. The condition could spread if not contained. The natural properties of the oil make it one of the best essential oils for mouth sores

Olive oil

This oil is highly popular in the treatment of various infections, one of which is cold sores .The fever blisters could make you uncomfortable and feel a lot of pain. By applying the olive oil in the affected areas, you will find relief and recover from infection in a short time.

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