Cold sore relief that works

If you have suffered from cold sore, you will admit that it is an unpleasant experience. People use all available means to find treatment. For cold sore relief, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. In this article, we are going to look at the options available for cold sore relief.

Home remedies

When it comes to the home remedies, you can try any of the following:

Tea tree oil

The oil can be  used for  treating the symptoms of cold sore .The oil has anti-bacterial ,anti-viral and antiseptic  properties so ensure  that  the  cold sore does  not continue  for long. If you want to get quick relief, you need to apply it around the mouth, lips or the surface of the skin as soon as the signs   of the cold sores show. One more thing that you need to remember is that the oil could have some irritation on the skin, so you need to consult your doctor before using it.

Eucalyptus oil

Another highly effective cold sore relief is the eucalyptus oil. The astringent also serves as a decongestant. It fights bacterial, virus infections and also clears the blocked nasal passages. As an expectorant, it is very helpful in reducing the debilitating effects of cold sores.

Rosemary oil

You need the rosemary oil to manage the cold sores. When applied at the right time, the oil will help to fight the virus which causes the cold sore.

There are of course many other home remedies for cold sores and include chamomile, olive oil, and lemon balm among others. They are far much more affordable than the over the counter medications as well as the fact that they are natural. If you would like to have fewer side effects, you should consider these home remedies.

Over the counter

In the absence of the home remedies, one can find the cold sore relief in over-the-counter medications. These are various medications which are anti-viral for combating the herpes virus. They do not require any prescription, though one needs to ensure that they have not harmful side effects like allergy, irritations or abdominal pain. If need be, you should talk to your doctor before using them.


For cold sore relief, you should be prescribed some medications like acyclovir and famcyclovir, both of which are prescription drugs for the treatment of cold sores. They are supposed to be taken as soon as there is an outbreak of the cold sores.

Cold sores are caused by a virus and usually manifest in the form of open sores on the lips the skin the area around the mouth. The herpes virus that causes it is also responsible for the virus for the genital herpes, though a different strain known as herpes simplex 2.

This condition cannot be cured but its outbreak can be reduced and prevented if one uses the available treatments for the cold sores. Some of the medications are most effective when used with 48 hours while others should be used only when the signs have started to reduce.

Drink fluids

In order to manage the dehydration which worsens the situation, you should take plenty of fluids. If one is dehydrated, the skin cracks dry. The fluids help to keep the skin moist and supple.

Keep off acidic foods

If you would like to get cold sore relief, you should ensure that you keep off acidic foods. The salty foods are not friendly to the cold sores hence should be avoided at all costs. The best foods to take in the circumstances are the soft or cool ones.

Antiseptic for mouth wash

The cold sores make the lips sensitive to any forceful action like brushing of teeth. The best alternative would be the use of the antiseptic mouth wash in the interim.

Application method

When applying the cream on the affected parts, dab the ointment or gel as opposed to rubbing them in. The latter irritates the skin and could make things worse. Ensure that your hands are clean before starting the application; this will prevent spreading the infection.

Don’t share creams or touching the affected areas with your hands unless that time when you are making the application.

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