Daily essential oils for headaches

Suffering from headaches is a common thing the world over. Many people complain about the headache which could be as a result of constipation, low blood sugar, and drug abuse among others. In case you suffer from headaches, there are highly effective essential oils for headaches. The following are the recommended essential oils that you can use.


The oil from peppermint has a cooling effect on one’s skin, encourages blood to flow into the forehead and also reduces the contraction of muscles.
For people with tension headaches, peppermint oil is going to alleviate it. It is not only well tolerated; it is also effective as an alternative head therapy. Research which has been conducted actually shows that when peppermint is mixed with ethanol, it reduces headache sensitivity. You can also use it with coconut oil which is then applied on the back, shoulders, back, and neck.


When it comes to the therapeutic care, lavender comes second to none. The oil from this plant serves more than one purpose. To begin with, it is antidepressants, sedative and a calming agent. If you are suffering from tension headache, stress or anxiety, you only need the essential oils for headaches. Research has proven that lavender has a positive effect on the limbic system.

Are you suffering from lack of sleep, stress or bad moods? Take a few drops of the lavender oil and apply it on the forehead, neck, wrist among other areas where necessary. Whether you are at home or office, you will need the oil to offer you the much needed relief from tension, stress to headaches.

The body needs to relax and especially if you are feeling weary. Adding a few drop of lavender oil in your bathing water will relax your body. The sedative effect of the oil, when breathed in deeply, will cure your tension headache.


The third in the list of essential oils for headaches is eucalyptus. The oil from this plant is generally considered an expectorant which is highly effective in the treatment of headaches. Sinus pressure for instance can lead to the blockage in the nasal passages. Once you use the oil, it will relax the sinus pressure, boost your mood and also bring stabilize your mood. Research has shown that the use of the eucalyptus is effective in not only eliminating tension headache but also making your breathing better. For those who have a running nose, you need the eucalyptus oil to treat the condition fast. Respiratory conditions can also be treated using the oil, given that it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Important oil that one should consider in the treatment of headaches is rosemary. It works effectively in relieving inflammation, calming the body as well as improving one’s level of alertness.

The herbal therapy has been a subject of study which showed that those patients who have suffered from abuse of the drug opium have recovered after being introduced to the oil. One of the symptoms of the opium abuse is headache.

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