Does tea tree oil for herpes work?

One of the most commonly used questions is whether the tea tree oil for herpes works in stopping further outbreak of herpes. The truth of the matter is that this natural antiseptic destroys the virus causing the herpes.

The tea tree oil for herpes is preferred because it is far much cheaper than the use of expensive medications like the anti-viral infections. Being natural makes it one of the most effective remedies for herbs.

Research which has been carried out shows that tea tree oil for herpes is highly effective in the treatment of not only in treating herpes simplex 1 but also herpes simplex 2.

Stopping the spread

The herpes virus tends to spread very fast. A simple outbreak could spread in a matter of days. In order to stop the spread, one will need a dose of tea tree oil.

Prevention of multiplication

The herpes virus cells multiply before spreading out. The tea tree oil helps in preventing the virus from multiplying and consequently spreading. There are independent results which have shown that the oil does indeed stop the herpes virus from multiplying when they are put in a cells culture. In order to make the oil more effective, one will need to combine with other oils such as that of eucalyptus.

Reduction of recurrence

The herpes virus can be treated but a breakout is possible .If there is a recurrence of the virus becomes even more difficult to control. The tea tree oil is highly effective in the prevention of the recurrence.

The oil is best applied as soon as there is an outbreak of the herpes virus. Whether you are using the tea oil or the anti-viral infections, they should be applied as soon as the first signs appear.


One of the reasons why the tea tree oil is preferred as tea tree oil for herpes is that it is highly cost-effective. The oil is available as a home remedy for herpes outbreak. The many benefits of the oil outweigh the disadvantages.

No risk of developing resistance

While many medications for the treatment could bring about resistance, the natural remedy is preferred because there is no risk of developing resistance.

No side effects

Many patients of the herpes virus find it to use. It has no serious side effects as long as it is used in the right away.

If you want to make best use of the tea tree oil, get a cotton ball instead of the applicator. Your hands should be clean so that you do not re-infect yourself or contaminate other things around you.

The lesions do not usually disappear with one application. Therefore, one needs to use the oil a couple of times until all the lesions disappear.

Test one spot before using on the whole area affected by the herpes. Sometimes the oil could cause an irritation on the skin, in which case, you should dilute it or withdraw it to remove the discomfort.

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