Effective medicine for cold sores

Cold sores are cold by virus. Just like some other viral infections like cold and flu, the condition can resolves on its own. However, the condition may sometimes require medicine for cold sores. These medications are given by your doctor to be taken orally. The following are some of the various medications which will be prescribed orally in case you are suffering from cold sores.


Acyclovir together with famcyclovir is the medicine for cold sores with is prescribed orally for the management of cold sores. The frequency in the use of these medications depends on the risk of the outbreak. If for instance you have recently undergone a cosmetic surgery or have been exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, you will find that you need to have the medicine for cold sores.

Recurrent cold sores

The above mentioned medications are not used if one suffers from cold sores for once. The recurrent ones are the source of concern among the doctors, hence the reason the reason why the medications are administered.

Why these oral medications are used

One of the main reasons why the medications are administered is that they help in the reduction of the pain. They are also used in helping   in the treatment of cold sores and especially if you are coping with the attack from the cold sores for the first time.

Lower doses

For persons with   lowered kidney function, one will need the reduced dose of some of the medicine for cold sores such as acyclovir is provided.

Side effects

Users of this medication will lead to various side effects which includes nausea, diarrhea and headache.


The other kind of medication that is used in the treatment of the herpes is famcyclovir. It is taken in oral form in the form of tablets. In addition, it is used in   the management of genital herpes. Pregnant women are advised to seek the doctor’s advice before using it.

Side effects

The use of famcyclovir will bring about some side effects. These include fever, itching, fatigue and diarrhoea. The medication will also cause nausea.


 Another important medicine that you will be given on prescription for the treatment of cold sores is known as valacyclovir. It has an added advantage of the fact that it is absorbed much faster in the body than the other medications. People who are infected by HIV or pregnant women should first consult a doctor before using the medicine.

Side effects

Just like any other drugs, this medication has some side effects. It will cause skin rashes, headache, fatigues, loss of sleep, allergic reactions as well as dizziness.

Despite the side effects caused by each of the medicines, you will find that you need the medications for the treatment and management of cold sores. One should only use the drugs on prescription and seek medical advice in case the side effects.

Creams and tablets

The anti-viral creams are used for treating cold sores. They are sold as OTCs for managing the effects of the cold sores. They don’t cure the condition but helps prevent the cold sores from getting worse. Apply the cream gently on the sores without using a lot of force. It forms a layer on the sores, preventing virus and bacteria from entering. It also kills those which are presents.

The tablets are different from the creams in that although the latter is applied externally, the former is taken orally. The tablet is believed to be much more effective in treating cold sores compared to the creams.

Ointments and gels

Just like the topical creams, ointments and gels are commonly used for offering relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the cold sores. They also reduce the itching on the sores. One thing that you need to be aware of is that that you can obtain them from a pharmacy with or without having a prescription,

Most of the orally taken medications such as the anti-viral medications should be taken on daily basis; otherwise the cold sores could recur.

Where one is not able to use these medicine for cold sores for whatever reasons, there are alternatives through essential oils among other herbal remedies like chamomile, rosemary and eucalyptus.

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