Effective treatment for cold sores

If there is one thing that is embarrassing, it is the blisters which appear on the face, skin or the lips. When they break, they become crusty for more than a week. One needs not to bear the pain when you can find the treatment for cold sores. The following are the suggested treatment options:

Lemon balm

Leading in the list of treatment for cold sores is the lemon balm. It belongs in the mint family. It not only reduces the swelling, it is effective in preventing possible   outbreaks in future. If you are going to use lip balm, then ensure that it is 1% lemon balm.

 An infusion tea made from the compression of lemon will offer you relief from the symptoms of cold sores.


One of the most effective remedies for cold sores is lysine. The amino acid is a supplement that is used to stop break out of cold sores .In the event of a flare up, you only need to use lysine either in the form of a cream or as a supplement.

Although ice will not lower the breakout of the cold sores, it is highly beneficial in removing the discomfort that is brought about by the inflammation. For effective relief, one should apply the cold pack on the affected part of the skin.

Avoid stress

Herpes virus multiplies more when one is stressed. In order to manage it effectively, you will need to manage your stress levels. There are various ways in which you can prevent stress. They include exercise and meditation.

Aloe Vera

This highly regarded medicinal plant helps in healing the lesions caused by the herpes virus. Studies have been carried out which have  proven that aloe Vera does indeed in providing relief  from cold sore.

Zinc oxide

The oxide is used as treatment for cold sores since it helps to remove the symptoms   of cold sores. Some of these symptoms include blistering and soreness. The outbreak of the cold sores could be reduced when one uses zinc oxide. However, for it to be effective, it should be applied within a day after the outbreak. The oxide is used is also applicable as a sunscreen.

Oral treatment

Where the herbal treatment is not deemed effective, one may require using various medications which are availed in prescription form. These orally applied medicines are use to cure the herpes. They include famcyclovir, acyclovir and valacyclovir. These medications work best when used within two days after the outbreak of the herpes.

Recurrence in particular would be highly prevented if one uses the oral medications mentioned above. They speed up the healing process and also alleviate pain brought about the herpes sores.

There are many other options when it comes to the treatment of the cold sores. For instance, you can use the anti-viral creams. They are formulated in such a way that they help reduce the effects of the herpes virus without necessarily curing you from it. The creams should be applied as soon as there is an outbreak of the cold sores. The only downside of the anti-viral creams is that they will not prevent you from getting a recurrent attack from the cold sores.However; this does not mean that they don’t play an important role in reducing the severity of the condition.

 A better alternative to the use of the anti-viral creams is the anti-viral tablets. The tablets are much more effective in dealing the worst attacks of the cold sores.


For treatment for cold sores, you may consider the cold sore patches which are specially formulated with gels inside such as hydrocolloid. The patches are placed on the affected areas for quick and effective relief from the cold sores.

The use of the non-viral treatments has become popular as they are effective in easing pain as well as irritation due to cold sores.


Instead of taking up expensive medications, one can go the prevention way. The first thing that you need to do is to observe is to wash hands after getting into contact with cold sores. You should avoid touching your eyes as the infection could lead to blindness. The hands should also not touch the genital due to risk of genital herpes.

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