How effective is lysine cold sore treatment?

Questions have been posed on the effectiveness of lysine in treating cold sores. The studies have not been conclusive with some saying that lysine cold sore treatment works while other dispute this claim. We need first to understand what lysine is and how it has been used.

What is lysine?

Lysine is an amino acid which is one of the building blocks of proteins. Research shows that this amino acid plays an important role in preventing absorption of another amino acid known as arginine. The latter is known to cause the cold sores.

Stops herpes from growing

One of the most notable aspects of the amino acid is that is effective in stopping the herpes causing the herpes from growing.


The lysine cold sore treatment is as a result of the fact that it helps in the prevention of both the cold sores and fever blisters.


Apart from the prevention, the amino acid is used in the treatment of cold sores.

Healing properties

Lysine speeds up the healing process after the infection with cold sores and especially in regard to the active sores. If you are suffering from the active blisters, you need the lysine cold sore treatment. It is usually taken in the form of capsule form with just a gram being taken thrice a day prior to taking meals.


The other form the lysine is used is as a cream. In order to be effective, one needs to apply the cream at the source of the infection.


In order to get the most out of the lysine, you need to know the right dosage to use. In this case, 1000mg should be taken three times a day in order to prevent a flare-up of the cold sores. The reason you should continue using lysine in this dosage daily is to prevent a recurrent of the outbreak.

One should not overdose the lysine as it could have some undesired side effects. When the cold sores symptoms appear, one should know the amount of grams of the lysine to take. The recommended amount to take is 1 gram but the amount increases to 3 grams if it is for therapeutic reasons.

Lysine in pill form

Lysine is available in various forms such as pills. The orally taken pill greatly helps in the prevention of herpes, cold sores as well as canker sores. Outside the lysine cold sore treatment, lysine plays an important role in the improvement of athletic performance, Bell’s palsy as well as improvement in the use of calcium in one’s body.

Herbal supplement

To prevent a cold sore meltdown, you need to steadfastly take the lysine cold sore treatment. It is an effective remedy for stopping the spread of the cold sore as well as a recurrence.

How effective is lysine

As we have seen above, lysine helps in the prevention, treatment and slowing down of the cold sores, though only to a certain extent.

In order to get enough of it, eat cheese, wheat germ and various types of meat.

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