How to apply essential oil cold sore

One persistent question that people ask is: How do you apply essential oil cold sore? There are many oils one can use in the treatment of cold sore or fever blisters. It is important to know the various oils and how they are applied to eliminate the herpes virus which causes it.

Topical application

The essential oil cold sore can be applied as a cream or balm on the skin. You can also apply a few drops of the oil. If you apply the oil such as 2 -3 drops on the skin in the day. This should continue until the symptoms of the condition begin to disappear. Some of the oils that you should consider include lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and clove.


The other way in which one can use the essential oil cold sore is to take them internally in the form of capsules. This means that you will buy the capsules as over –the –counter medications and swallow them to manage the cold sore .Some drops of oils like Melissa are added to capsules and taken around 2-3 days to offer you the much needed relief from cold sore.

Use to boost the immune system

The body’s ability to deal with the cold sore largely depends on the immunity. If the immunity is weak, it means that you are unable to combat the diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. The use of some of these essential oils is aimed at ensuring that the body’s immunity is strong. Ensure that you use lemon balm for instance because it is going to help in boosting the immunity, thanks to the vitamin C in lemon.

The essential oil cold sore should be applied with a lot of precaution to ensure that you are safe from re-infection. Always wash your hands before handling the oils. There shoals be no contact between the infected areas and those that are not affected. For instance, do not touch the eyes with the hands unless you have washed the hands. The transmission of the virus is fastest through contact, hence the need to curb the spread.

The other important information is that when you are applying, you should use the cotton swab or the cotton ball once. With every application, you should use a different swab. This will prevent one from re-infection. The same thing will apply when one is using a Q-tip.

The timing of the application of the essential oil cold sore is important. Most of these oils are effective when applied as soon as one notices the first symptoms of an infection. In some cases though, you will need to apply at a later stage when the signs have started to disappear t is important to talk to your doctor to help you know at what intervals one should apply the oils.

Lastly, one should be aware of the possible side effects of the essential oils. Some of them cause allergy, skin irritation among others. One should exercise a lot of caution to ensure that the risks are reduced.

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