How to use essential oils for a cold

If you are suffering from a cold, you need essential oils for a cold. The cold is caused by a virus and as we are well aware, cold has no cure; it tends to cure on its own. Management and prevention should be the way to go. There is very reason for you to want to try the essential oils for a cold. These are as follows:


There are studies which have proven that the use of   these oils help in the prevention of the symptoms of the cold. With this hindsight, you should introduce the oils to help manage the cold. The commonest among them are eucalyptus and peppermint.


The essential oils for a cold are preferred over other treatment options because they have few or no side effects to the body.


The choice of the essential oils for a cold is because it has the natural properties able to combat the various ailments, one of which is the cold.


The essential oils are generally considered the best alternatives to the over-the-counter prescriptions or the antibiotics.

This now brings us to the question: how does one use the essential oils for a cold? These oils are used in the various forms such as inhalation of the steam, application of the drops, balm or creams. However, the general use of the oil is as follows:

The drops are placed on a cotton swab or a cotton ball. Then you will proceed to apply the oil on the affected parts. The number of times will vary but  on average, you will need  to apply about 3 times a day .You also need to give it time before making another application . The Q-tip cotton swab used should be replaced with every subsequent application. The reason for the replacement is to ensure that there is no re-infection.

Inhaling   some of the essential oils is a method that is used   for taking some of the oils such as eucalyptus .It is an expectorant that helps in opening the air passages, hence helping in getting better from the infection.


The oil is placed in a large bowl of water and heated to boil. The steam is then inhaled. For maximum effect, you will need to lean over and breathe it in. You should cover your upper body with a towel when leaning. This will help prevent the steam from escaping. When you concentrate the steam on the nostrils, it will enter your body and offer you much relief from your cold.

The other ways of taking the essential oils for a cold is to apply the drops on a cotton ball or a handkerchief and then inhale it. Some people also apply a few drops on the cushion so that you can inhale it as you sleep.


The other option is to add a few drops to your bath water. The oil will help in the treatment of the cold.

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