How to use tea tree essential oil for cold scores and herpes

When it comes to the treatment of herpes and cold sores, we need to find a highly effective remedy. The tea tree essential oil is one of the best for treating, preventing as well as slowing down the herpes and cold sores.

It treats the painful blisters and the open sores which lead to the cold sores. The herpes virus is responsible for the debilitating effects of the cold sores. These sores appear on the sides of the mouth on the lips as well as the surface on the skin.

The instance you show the first signs of  infection by the virus, do not go  for the  expensive the anti-viral treatments .The  oil will offer the relief that you need to slow down the spread of  the herpes  virus.  The Aborigines of Australia have been using the tea tree essential oil to treat cuts as well as cuts.

Skin infections

In case of the skin infections, all that you need is the oil application on the affected. The oil is applied using a cotton ball and the skin infection.


The blisters which appear on the skin can takes days to heal and especially once they break. The oil will offer immediate relief from the painful blisters.

Anti-bacterial property

The oil is able to effectively deal with the bacteria which causes infections.

Anti-viral powers

The tea tree essential oil works just as well as the anti-viral properties to fight the infections such as colds and flu. You can count on the oil to slow down the spread and multiplication of the herpes virus.


One notable thing about oil is that it has the ability to remove the infections which cause the cold sores. The antiseptic in the oil will help t in preventing the herpes virus from spreading.

Inactivates the virus

Research has shown that when the tea tree essential oil is used in the treatment of the cold sores, it inactivates the virus when put in a test tube.

If you are going to use oil, you should ensure that that you should consult a doctor since the oil causes irritation to the skin when used in some areas of the body, specifically the area around the mouth, lips or the genitals.

How to effectively apply the essential oil

The best way to apply is first to ensure your hands are clean. Wash your hands and dry them so that no contamination occurs.

Take your tea tree oil bottle and pour a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball or Q-tip. The next step is to apply the oil gently on the sores where the herpes virus has caused infection. The oil is best applied as soon as the first signs of the viral infection show around the mouth, lips or the genitals. The surface of the skin may also show signs of infection. Apply the oil on it as well. Once done, throw away the swab use new ones for the next application.

The other reasons why tea tree essential oil is preferred for the treatment of the cold sores include the following:

Anti-bacterial effects

The oil has anti-bacterial properties hence prevents infections from bacteria. If the sores are invaded by bacteria, the cold sores gets worse and there is delayed healing besides other complications which could arise. Tea tree oil will kill all the bacteria that are present on the sores, eliminating them for effective remedy from your fever blisters.

Sterilizes the sores

One notable thing about the oil is that it serves as sterilizer for the wounds. Once infected with cold sores, apply the oil on the wound and it will become sterilized. No germs will invade the wounds and you will be able to heal properly.

Reduces duration

If you would like to take less time recovering from an infection of the cold sores, you need the essential oil as it reduces the duration of the infection. If for example you would have taken 10 days to recover, the duration could be reduced to 6 days if the oil is applied at the onset of the infection.

Removes discomfort

One of the uses of the oil is to offer one relief from the discomfort.

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