Is there a cure for cold sores?

The truth of the matter is that there is  no cure for cold sores since the conditions are caused by a virus; viruses have a lifespan in the body after which are they symptoms disappear. The only you can deal with the cold sores is to use various available options in order to reduce the severity, shorten the duration and prevent an outbreak.

The first thing that you need  is to get the essential oils .These are naturally effective in the treatment of  the cold sores .The lemon balm is highly effective in preventing the cold sores as it boosts the immune system. The lemon oil contains vitamin C which is necessary for helping the body deal with the infections. Take the lemon oil as directed by your physician.

Lysine is the other remedy that you will need for cure for cold sores. The lysine is an amino acid which is an important building block for protein in the body. The reason why lysine is used is based on research that shows that that lysine is useful in blocking the arginine. For your information, the arginine is one of the protein blocks which lead to the cold sores. Though one can obtain the lysine in the form of supplements, there are other ways in which you can use it.

One can obtain the lysine from the foods that we eat. They include fish, wheat and other meat products. Frequently taking these foods will provide you with the much needed lysine so that you reduce the risk of the cold sores.

Avoid stressful situations

You will find that stress has a debilitating effect on your ability to recover from viral or bacterial infection. As such, you should avoid stress. There are many ways of dealing with stress such as walking, yoga among other types of exercises which boost the release of the endorphins.

Ice treatment

If you are looking for the cure for cold sores, the ice pack is one of the best in the treatment of the cold sores. The ice compression is done on the areas where one is infected with the fever blisters. One should gently press on the ice pack on the sore until the area calms down. The pain will go down and you will also find relief from the infection.

Hot treatment

Apart from the ice, one can alternatively use the heat on the sores to find that the relief and treatment. The warm baths are best for the treatment of the sores. You will need to add a few drops of the oils in your bath water. The oils will on your skin, penetrating through the pores to heal and bring about the relief from the open sores.

Aloe Vera

One of the most used natural treatments for the cold sores is aloe Vera. This plant has curative and preventive measures, hence offering   you the relief from the infection. The oil is applied on the affected areas a few times a day until they symptoms disappear.

The other options are OTCs and prescription drugs.

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