Most popular essential oils

Essential oils are distinct in their smell, aroma, fragrance and   the therapeutic effects they offer treatment   for various ailments. They come from various plants where they are mixed with others or alone. There are many essential oils and the following are some of the most popular ones.

Chamomile is a highly popular plant and whose oil is used to make tea. The oils have many uses such as a calming agent in the body. If you are suffering from an inflammation either in the urinary or digestive system, chamomile is one the best oil to go for. The other properties of chamomile are that it is anti-bacterial and anti-depressant. It is also an anti-septic, hence playing a very important role.


The eucalyptus plant plays an important role in treating various illnesses such as those affecting the respiratory system. It is a decongestant, a stimulant and an anti-diuretic. For people suffering from fever and migraines, this is the plant to use.


Known for its sweet smelling characteristic, the jasmine plant is a popular plant which has anti-depressant properties. It also contains relaxing qualities. The plant is very safe for use in treating depression in children, improving libido, fighting respiratory illnesses as well as dealing with stress and tension related problems. All the same, jasmine is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant.


If you are looking for essential oils which will provide you with anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and a deodorant, lavender takes it all. This plant oil has many uses in the body and has been used for years to treat various health issues. It helps deal with stress problems and is a good remedy for congestion.


Lemon is used to prepare lemon balm which is in turn used to treat various problems affecting the body. The oil or balm from the oil is used for treating skin irritations .It is also used in the treatment of the circulation and digestive problems. Due to the presence of vitamin C, the lemon oil is a great immune booster, helping the body to ward off various infections such as colds and flu. The only downside of the lemon oil is that it tends to cause allergy and especially if it is used in the sun.

Tea tree oil

The healing power of the tea tree oil has never been in use. It helps in the treatment of infections and It treats burns, cuts and various skin conditions. Also it works very well in treating respiratory diseases, muscle problems, boosting the immune system and a host of others.


How could we possibly forget the extract from the rosemary plant? The plant provides us with one of the most effective essential oils for soothing the muscles, dealing with cramps, migraines and headaches. For those with digestive and respiratory problems, the rosemary oil will offer you with the relief that you need .It is not just an anti-septic, it is a great remedy for various skin related problems.

The only exception in the use of rosemary is when you have high blood pressure or epilepsy.

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