Natural remedies for cold sores

The cold sores are caused by a virus known as herpes simplex virus .Although the virus can appear in many parts of the body, the infection will in most cases appear on the sides of the mouth, the cheeks, lips and the fingers.

Finding the natural remedies for cold sores should be easy and especially if you know the best ones   for treating the condition. The natural ones include the following:

Probiotic food

There are various foods one can take to boost the body’s ability to deal with cold sores. Examples include vinegar, yoghurt and ACV. These s foods among others are highly effective in fighting infections since they have powerful nutrients.

Vegetables and some naturally obtained juices have all the vitamins and other nutrients needed for combating the diseases causing infections.


For remedies for cold sores, one needs certain vitamins which will help reduce the infections. The first among them is vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory properties and will restore the damaged skin, not forgetting that it reduces the inflammation occurring on the skin.

To boost the body’s immunity against   infections like cold and flu, one needs to increase the intake of   vitamin C rich food. They include oranges, strawberries, the kiwi fruit among others .The vitamin C can also be taken in the form of capsules so as to boost your immunity and improve the appearance of your skin.

Increasing zinc intake

In order to effectively deal with the colds, one needs to increase the intake of zinc .The zinc as a mineral is well known for the treatment of infections. It helps boost immunity and deals with   inflammation very well. You can take the zinc supplement in various ways such as lozenges, capsules and syrups. There are others such as gels as well. It has been noted that deficiency in zinc leads to cold sores. It is thus very important for one to increase intake of zinc-rich foods or take the supplements where necessary.


The protein-building amino acid is reliable as one of the remedies for cold sores. It blocks the action of arginine hence highly effective in treating the cold sores infections. You can buy the lysine as supplement or increase the intake of the foods which are rich in it. Examples of these foods are fish, dairy products and other types of meats. Research has shown that lysine indeed lowers the time taken to recover from a cold and also reduces the severity of the cold. If you have been treated from the cold, it is the function of lysine to ensure that the infection does not recur.

Less exposure to sunlight

If you are suffering from cold sores, you need   to avoid exposure to sunlight. If you are going to stay out in the sun for a long time, you should ensure that you apply sunscreen on your skin. The sunscreen is going to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the ultra-violet rays. The organically made balm is the best for your lips. Please ensure that the sunscreen has a high SPF for maximum protection.

 Lemon balm

Have you tried the application of the lemon balm on the sores? If not, you should seriously consider it because it is highly effective in the treatment .The lemon kills the herpes virus as recent studies have shown. After the application of the few drops of the lemon balm on the sores, place an ice cube on the sores for about 10 minutes. Thereafter, you may opt to cover the sores with a layer of petroleum jelly. You will be surprised at how fast the relief will come.

Cornstarch paste

The idea may not be as popular as the other methods but it is one of the most popular traditional remedies for cold sores. Water is added to the  cornstarch to make a paste .The paste is in turn gently applied on the sores .The start has a neutralizing effect  because  of its PH. Since the sores will be acidic the starch will make it neutral. As a result, you will get the much needed relief from inflammation and pain.

A teabag poultice has a cooling effect and serves a good remedy when dabbed on the source of the sores.

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