Suggested oils for cold sores

For those who have been coping with the cold sore for so long, there are many remedies that are available to treat the sores. The oils for cold sores are many and varied. The best ones are as follows:


The lavender oil  is one  of the best oils since it fights  the growth of  the virus .Since it is very concentrated ,one needs to dilute  them  for  ease of use. The lavender oil has been used for generations to treat various ailments, one of which is cold sore. It is an effective treatment for eliminating the cold sore. As a natural remedy, the lavender is one of the best in the treatment of the fever blisters.

Clove oil

The other option when it comes to the oils for cold sores is clove oil. The clove oil is highly effective in reducing the effects of the   cold sore. It minimizes the risk of infection .it prevents the spread and at the same time accelerates the healing process from the open sores which could be serious.

Topical treatment

The application of the oil on the capsules for taking internally is recommended for the treatment of cold sore.

The oil is also applied directly on the affected areas. The oils are applied in the form of drops to ensure that the sores are treated. You will need a cotton swab to apply the drops. Once you have finished applying the oil, the swab should be discarded and a new one used. The purpose of using different swabs is to reduce the infection.

Killing the virus

The cold sore is caused by a virus known as herpes virus. This virus has a debilitating effect on the body, leading to open sores and blisters. It is not easy to eliminate the virus unless one finds quick and effective remedy against it. Although there are  many options such as drugs, the oils for cold sores such as eucalyptus ,olive oil and  peppermint oil have been tried, tested  and  found to offer quick and effective relief  from the  cold sore.

Reducing the outbreak of cold sore

The natural remedies for the cold sore have a far much more effective way of dealing with the fever blisters. As a result, they offer one a reduced risk of getting an outbreak of the condition. They boost the immune system, combat the virus and bacteria as well. You will need these essential oils to prevent the sores from enlarging and   infecting others areas.

Reducing the severity

When one is infected with cold sores, the condition could get worse. This is especially so if one does not find a quick and effective solution towards the problems. Only the oils for cold sores will relive you from the discomfort and pain brought about the virus.

Aloe Vera oil

Dabbing an aloe at the wounds is one of the best treatment options for cold sores. If you dab the aloe Vera oil 3-4 times a day for a while, you will notice that the sores will begin to heal and fade away. It soothes the fever blisters, reduces the sensitivity and at the same time kills all the bacteria which could be present on the sores.

Tea tree oil

If you have not tried this oil, you are missing one of the most important oils for cold sores. For effective treatment, you will only need to apply it directly about times a day. Alternatively, you can mix it with witch hazel.

Vanilla extract

One of the reasons why people find the vanilla extract to be effective in the treatment of the cold sores is the fact that it contains alcohol. The latter is believed to be highly effective in killing of bacteria on the sores .The killing of the bacteria helps in reducing the severity of the condition. The pure form of the vanilla extract is the best remedy for the condition.

Rosemary oil

Just like the above mentioned oils, Rosemary oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties for combating the infections, hence relief from cold sores.

One can use Melissa, Bergamot, Myrrh, lemon and chamomile to name but a few of the oils that are used for the treatment from the fever blisters. Others include sandalwood, frankincense and geranium.

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