Tea tree oil cold sore treatment

There is every reason why one should go for tea tree oil cold sore. The oil is highly popular because it prevents and at the same time reduces the spread of the fever blister.  When you suffer from the cold sore, you will be having open   sore on the corners of the mouth, the lips and the surface of the skin. If they are left untreated, they things even worse and you might be uncomfortable for days. The choice for the tea tree oil cold sore is an informed one because it treats the conditions, offering quick relief.

The skin is usually the one that shows the visible signs of the cold sores. The open blisters should not be left to worsen. The instance the skin shows signs, one should act fast to treat it. The tea tree oil should be applied on the affected area so that one can find a quick and effective treatment.

Treating painful blisters

When the blisters open, they become very painful hence the need to treat them. Using a cotton ball, simply applies the oil on the blisters. This oil calms the pain and helps start the healing process.

Dealing with bacteria

Our skins are highly prone to bacterial infections and more so, if there are open with blisters. By applying the oil on the skin, you will be able to kill the bacteria, hence facilitating the treatment of   the cold sores.

Fights viruses

Viruses invade the body with the same veracity as the bacteria.  You can count on the tea tree oil cold sore to treat the viruses which lead to the infection. You will find that viruses are responsible for the herpes virus which causes the cold sores. It is also responsible for the flu and cold infections that one suffers from time to time. The use of the tea tree oil guarantees one freedom from these infections, thanks to the anti-viral properties.

The tea tree oil helps removes infections on the sores hence prevent the spread. The antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil helps in fighting infection, hence ensuring that you are free from the infections.

How does the tea tree oil work to ensure that you are free from the cold sores? One of the reasons why the oil is at the forefront in fighting the infections is because it is able to stop the infection from going beyond a certain point. If you apply it on the sores, the infection will be limited to one area, hence curbing   the spread.

Stops further multiplication of the sores

The multiplication the   herpes virus cells makes it difficult to control the cold sores. The use of the tea tree oil ensures that the virus ensures that the   virus cells are destroyed before they start to grow and increase in number.

Prevents the repeat outbreak

Once one suffers from the cold sores and the condition is treated, the risk remains high that there is another repeat attack. The use of the oil ensures that one that the recurrence is minimized.

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