Top 10 essential oils for herpes

One of the leading viral infections is herpes. Due to its prevalence, many people are always looking for the   treatment of the condition. There are some essential oils for herpes one can resort to in order to find relief.

Lemon balm

Known as Melissa officinalis, this herb is highly effective in the treatment of herpes. The lemon balm contains flavonoids which to relieve the sores caused by the herpes. Those who suffer from stress and cold sores will find the balm highly effective. Studies have actually shown that the balm can cut down the cold sores by half.


The essential oils from lavender are useful in preventing the outbreak of the cold sores. One can prepare the oil by mixing it tea tree oil, myrrh and peppermint. They are then put in a jojoba oil bottle and left alone without shaking the bottle. Using a cotton ball, you will apply the oil in areas where there is a break out.


One of the most important essential oils for herpes is peppermint oil. It has been observed that the oil is effective in inhibiting the reproduction of the herpes cells. It kills the virus causing the diseases as well as all the other strains of   herpes which could have resisted all the anti-viral drugs.


One of the reasons why geranium is used as one of the essential oils for herpes is that it reduces pain which is caused by shingles. The latter is a condition which is caused by infection by herpes virus.

Tea tree oil

For a natural cure from herpes, you need tea tree oil. A few drops of tea tree oil applied as soon as there is an outbreak will offer you the relief from the cold sores. It is a natural remedy that is applied on the skin .The oil contains vital anti-viral properties.

Star anise

One of the commonly used herbs as essential oils for herpes is star anise. It is used in the treatment for hoarseness, running nose or a cough, all of which could arise due to the outbreak of the cold sores. The oil from this natural herb is used for treating other conditions like rheumatism, shingles, and pain and sinus infection.


One of the reasons why the eucalyptus oil is preferred in the treatment of herpes is that it contains anti-viral properties. One is advised to use the oil from this herb as soon as the signs of the   cold sores start to reduce.


If there is one herb that calms the body when you are under attack from the virus causing herpes, it has to be chamomile. The chamomile is used to make tea which helps to sooth the sinus. It is one of the essential oils for herpes that has been studied and found to be highly effective in inhibiting the herpes virus.

Other essential oils one could consider for the treatment of herpes include lemon balm and capsaicin. They offer one relief from the effects of herpes infection.

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