Top best essential oils for cold sores

If you are suffering from blisters or cold sores on some parts of the body lips or face, there are a number of essential oils for cold sores that you need to ensure that you find the best remedies.

The following are some of the best essential oils for cold sores

Tea tree oil

For preparation of this local remedy, you need a few drops of the tea tree oil and Q-tip cotton ball.

Directions of use

The drops of the oil are placed on the cotton ball and then the cotton ball is dabbed on the sore area. One application may not treat the area, so you may consider repeating it. Delaying in making the application may cause the oil not to be effective; apply while the sore is still fresh or when you feel the tingling sensation of the cold sore is sensed to be coming.

Massage lotions

There are a number of lotions that you can use for essential oils for cold sores. These include geranium, lavender, thyme and lemon. These oils are mixed together in a bowl and then massaged in the whole body. One will need a few more applications to get the desired results.

Have you tried the infused healing oil? The simple essential oil is highly effective in treating cold sores. Unlike the tea tree oil which has to be applied as soon as the signs show up, the essential oil should be applied as soon as the cold sores signs start to show. To make this mixture, you need the tea tree oil, bergamot, lavender, and infused cream.

All the above ingredients are mixed together and the resultant mixture is applied on the affected areas. One thing you need to do is to apply it as frequently as the need arises.  After making an initial application of the oil, you need to take a break before moving to the next application. This will give room for the sore to dry. Aeration is important in-between the applications.

Lip gloss

There is a lip gloss base that is very effective in as far as the essential oils for cold sores are concerned. It is made up of ingredients such as beeswax, almond oil, and jojoba oil and carrot seed. All these oils are mixed together in a given ratio after melting the wax. The oils are then allowed to cool down and put into a glass container. The resultant mixture is what is applied on the sore area of the body. This could be the face or the lips.

It is important to point out t apart from the essential oils; one can also explore the non-essential ones because they are equally effective in the treatment of cold sores. Lysine for instance is very helpful as an anti- cold sore treatment. It is used in the form of   supplements and immune boosters People also find natural remedies to be highly effective in curing their cold sores. They include ice cubes, Apple Cider Vinegar, bee Propolis, tea bags among others.

Peppermint oil

The antiviral properties and the healing power of peppermint oil .It inhibit the action of the virus so that you can be free from virus. If you want to make the most out of the peppermint oil, apply it at the onset of the outbreak.

Oregano oil

The use of the oregano oil is highly recommended as of the best essential oils to use. The plant has such powerful anti-bacterial properties that it almost never gets affected by diseases caused by bacteria or fungus. The same anti-bacterial properties are made available when you use it as one of the essential oils for cold sores.

Apart from fighting bacteria in the body, the oregano oil is highly effective in easing one from the effects of inflammation following an attack from the cold sores or fever blisters…

The blisters burst after a few days of infection, making the wounds open and painful. You will need the drying power of the oregano oil to not only dry the open wounds but also kill the virus causing it.

For application, one needs to apply the oil by dabbing it using a cotton ball on the affected part of the body. When applying the oil, ensure that you do it gently as opposed to pressing it firmly against the wound.

One application of the oil may not be enough, hence may require a subsequent application a few more times. This will help in completely killing the virus causing the infection and also for purposes of treating the symptoms. The swabs used in each application should be used disposed off and fresh ones used so that a new infection is prevented.

Geranium oil

One notable thing about this oil is that it is used for holistic treatment of the whole body, including the mind and the soul. As one of the best oils for cold sores, the oils are highly effective as it contains ant-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. You will need this astringent for its useful role in providing the much needed relief. Just as is the case with the oregano oil, you should use a swab once and discard it so as to prevent   a spread of the infection.

Blended oils

For effective remedy, you need essential oils for treating cold sores from a combination of oils. For example, you can use tea tree oil, geranium, and lemon. The blend can also include almond oil to make a perfect combination. The blended oil is then applied using a Q-tip or a cotton swab. When used appropriately, it will offer you the relief as well as treat the cold sores.

Chamomile oil

The cold sores can easily and effectively treat the cold sores and is infect of the most powerful essential oils for cold sores. It works by interfering with the herpes simplex 1 virus which is responsible for the cold sores. The anti-viral properties of the oil enable it to deal with strains of the virus which is resistant to the medications used. A good example is the acyclovir which may not respond well to the treatment of the herpes virus.

Bergamot oil

One of natural remedies for the cold sores is known as Bergamot oil. The oil contains ant-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This makes it highly effective in the treatment of the herpes virus.

Tincture of myrrh

The treatment of the cold sores is made easier if you use the essential oil derived from myrrh. It will effectively drive the cold sores away, giving you the much needed relief.

Melissa officialis or lemon balm in other words will offer you the much quicker relief from the cold sores. The oil is highly effective against the fever blisters. It is highly respected in calming a patient of the cold sores infection. The Polyphenols in the lemon balm will  combat the cold sores  so well that a day  from  application of the oil ,one will start to start to feel  better. It is also worth noting that the oil will readily help in preventing the recurrence of the cold sores.


Lastly, one cannot doubt the healing power of the sage oil. The oil contains anti-viral properties, enabling it to kill the herpes virus causing the cold sores.

Hope This Article About Top best essential oils for cold sores will Help You to solve your Problem.

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