Top essential oils for canker sores

If   you are suffering from canker sores, you need to find to find the essential oils which will not only offer you relief, but also treat the debilitating infection. People who have suffered from the canker sores will tell you how difficult it is to open the mouth to talk or chew foods. The sores appear in the form of ulcers and usually affect the soft tissues and the gum.

How will you know that you have canker sores?

There is usually a burning or tingling feeling on mouth followed by the presence of the lesions.  A red swelling will appear which later bursts, leaving a wound behind. If these sores are not treated, they make it worse to talk or eat properly. They are different from the cold sores in that they are not as contagious.

Though they disappear on their own, the essential oils for canker sores are the best since they offer a natural remedy.

The wild oregano oil is the first among the favourite essential oils for canker sores. It contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it highly effective. It leaves a burning sensation on the skin and is generally unpleasant to some people.However; these are temporary side effects which will disappear in a matter of minutes.

The oil is applied  is directly on the skin where the store is  located and one should leave it that way for  around 10 minutes before considering a second application.

If you have not used the clove oil for essential oils for canker sores, you should look for this oil as it is highly effective. It numbs the pain and offers the relief needed from the canker sores. Although the clove oil has the same burning sensation as the wild oregano oil, this feeling subsides and one gets a quick relief from the condition.

Numbing the pain caused but the canker sores requires a highly effective, natural remedy. The essential oils for canker sores found in the tea tree oil .This oil have powerful antibacterial properties. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, thereby helping   you to get the much needed relief from the canker sores.

The other essential oil is the helichrysum is one the most effective natural remedies   as it offers one instant relief by just taking only 2-3 drops of the oil.

You cannot ignore the curative powers of the thief’s oil. It has been observed that this oil offers you the much needed relief from all the problems leading to the canker sores.

Try out the lavender as one of the essential oils for canker sores. It is not only therapeutic ,it is said to be  one of the safest .the oil  contains both the antibacterial and the antiviral properties, hence the best  option if you are dealing  with a serious condition such as canker sores.

Lastly, the list of the essential oils for canker sores would not be complete without the inclusion of the Melissa oil. It speeds up the healing from the canker sores.

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