Which is the best essential oil for fever blister?

The fever blisters are also known as cold sores and could affect one at any time. The fever blister is caused by herpes virus and has no cure. This does not mean that one should not find ways to manage it. The essential oil for fever blister is one of the remedies one should look for in order to get remedy from the infection.

The question we should be asking is: which is the best essential oil for fever blister? This question can be answered by sampling the essential oils that are commonly used in the treatment of fever blisters.

Eucalyptus oil

The use of the eucalyptus oil is not a coincident. The oil has many excellent properties such as anti-bacterial properties. This basically means that the oil will fight and eliminate the bacteria causing infections in the body.

The astringent properties of the eucalyptus oil make the best oil to use for essential oil for fever blister. It combats all the possible infections, keeping the sores free from any diseases. As such, one will be able to recover from the condition fast.

Fights virus

There are many viruses which affects the body. These viruses are difficult to eliminate unless one finds a good anti-viral agent. The oil easily eliminates the viruses which affects the body. The herpes virus is the one responsible for the fever blisters. You will apply the oil on the blisters a few times a day   in order to find a cure.

The oil is used in various forms such as an inhaler, oil or can be mixed with other oils in order to make an effective treatment against the fever blister.

Treats the blisters

The eucalyptus oils are a highly popular home remedy in treating various ailments brought about by virus and bacteria. It is a decongestant, opening the air passages so that you can breathe. The congestion in the nasal passages is the reason why the cold sores worsen. When you inhale it, it offers   you relief by relieving the symptoms of the condition.

Tea tree oil

Apart from the eucalyptus oil, one finds that the tea tree oil is another formidable companion that one needs for essential oil for fever blister. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is a powerful agent that fights these infections, hence ensuring that you recover fast.

One needs this oil to get treatment from the fever blisters. It prevents further spread of the fever blisters and especially if it is applied on time. It is important though, that one knows when to use it in order to actively eliminate the cause of the infection.

Rosemary oil is the third example of the essential oil for fever blister that one should consider. The herb plant has been used for a long time as an agent against the bacteria and virus. It has antiseptic properties as well, ensuring that   you are clear from infections. As a result, you will get quick relief from cold sores.

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