Why tea tree oil for cold sores?

Tea tree oil is one of the best remedies for cold sores. The natural herbal plant has curative properties, hence highly effective for the treatment of cold soore.The following are reasons why one should use the tea tree oil for cold sores.

Prevents prolonged cold sores

When one suffers from cold sores, the condition could go on for long unless one finds a remedy for it. The tea tree oil is applied on the fever blisters to quicken the healing. One can therefore hasten the recovery as long as it is applied at the right time.

Fights bacteria

Bacterial infection could make the cold sores even worse. This is the reason why we need way to eliminate the bacteria. The tea tree oil for cold sores is the best bet for fighting and eliminating bacteria present. The strong anti –bacteria characteristics are very important in reducing the infections caused by bacteria.

Kills viruses

The fact that tea tree oil has anti-viral properties makes it the best for killing all the viruses, including the herpes virus. These viruses are responsible for other infections such as cold and flu. When this herbal oil is applied on the affected parts, it kills the viruses, hence helping offering relief from a debilitating attack from the cold sores.


If you need treatment from cold sores, the tea tree oil for cold sores. It treats the blisters and the sores present on the mouth, skin and any other area on the body. You will get relief from your condition in a matter of days. All that you need to do is to apply it gently on the affected parts. Applying once may not be adequate, hence on should repeat around 3 times in a day and you will receive the relief that you need to get back to health.


In most cases, the infection is due to the fact that germs spread very fast through contact. Disinfecting the skins ensures that it is free from infections. The tea tree oil has antiseptic properties hence helpful in reducing the risk of infections to a very large extent.

The tea tree oil has a lot more to offer in terms of delaying the spread of the cold sores. One should ensure that they apply it as per the instructions given. You will be advised by your doctor to apply it 3 times, using a cotton ball or a Q-tip. Every time you apply the tea tree oil, you should use a new one cotton ball. The reason for doing so is to prevent re-infection.

The tea tree oil has been used since time immemorial to treat various infections. This herbal remedy continues to find relevance today because it is effective in the treatment of the cold sores.

One more thing that one should be careful with the tea tree oil for cold sores is based on the fact that it has some side effects if not used the right way. It irritates the skin.

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