Why you should use coconut oil for cold sores

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by virus and more specifically, the herpes virus. The virus-related diseases are not easy to treat. They are usually left to heal on their own. One will however have to endure the pain and the discomfort which comes when due to the open sores. The uses of the coconut oil for cold sores are well thought out for the following reasons.

It fights bacteria

One thing about the coconut oil is that it contains anti-bacterial properties. If one is affected by the bacteria, you will be weak and this makes it more difficult to treat an infection. The use of the coconut oil enables the body to ward off infections.

Kills viruses

The coconut oil for cold sores is the best bet in eliminating the virus. The herpes virus in this case is responsible for the     cold sores. There is also common cold and flu, both of which are caused by the viruses. Diseases which are caused by the viruses in most cases have no cure. They can at best be managed and controlled. The role of the oil is to keep the number of viruses as low as possible, suppressing them so that the infection does not spread.

When you apply the oil on the open sores, the virus will be weakened such that you do not get new infections. The oil makes it easier for you to cope with the debilitating effects of the cold sores.

Clears the infection

The coconut oil is very useful as an antiseptic in that it helps in the cleaning the open sores. When applied on the sore, the oil removes the various causes of infection, hence ensuring that you are free from these infections.


One notable thing about coconut is that it is anti-inflammatory in nature. This basically means that it is effective in eliminating the inflammation in the areas where you have the fever blisters. If you have the inflammation in the sores, you will just need to apply the coconut on the sores. The oil will act fast in removing the inflammation.

Reduces the spread of f the infection

If you are suffering from cold sores, the virus multiplies in the cells and expands to the other parts. The use of the coconut oil helps in preventing the cells from spreading further in the body. It is advisable that you apply the oil on the sores as soon as the signs show up. This will enable the body to combat the infection as soon as there is an outbreak.

Reduces the recurrence

One can get an infection more than once, which we call a recurrence. When one suffers from a recurrence, it means that the immunity is compromised and the body is not able to resist another attack. The coconut oil for cold sores will help boost the immunity so that you are able to prevent another attack.

To use the oil, simply apply using cotton swab on the affected areas.

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