Why you should use tea tree oil herpes remedy

The tea tree oil is highly effective in the treatment of herpes. It is not only affordable, it is treats herpes very fast and especially if it is used at the onset of herpes. If used late, an outbreak may be inevitable.


The tea tree oil herpes is preferred because it is natural .It has no side effects, hence suitable for use in treating   herpes virus. The oil should however be used after consulting a doctor. One thing that we should be aware of is that tea tree oil does not cure the herpes; it only helps in preventing the outbreak of the herpes.

How to use the tea tree oil herpes

The first step in the use of the oil is first to wash your hands and dry them. The reason for doing this is to ensure that you do not spread the infection. Hygiene is very important because viral infections spread very fast on contact.

An eye dropper is used to apply the oil on the infected parts on the surface of the skin.  Once you are through with the infection, you will need to wash your hands again. The procedure should bse repeated again a few times a day in order to get relief from the herpes.


The reason why tea tree oil is widely used in the treatment of herpes is because of the following:


The tea tree oil herpes is based on the fact that it is a natural antiseptic. The work of antiseptic is to prevent infections. The tea tree oil is useful in fighting infections, thanks to the antiseptic properties.


The oils are very effective in fighting bacterial infections. In case of bacterial infections, one only needs apply the oil and it will kill the bacteria.


Herpes is one of the viral infections which are treated by the oil.  The other viral infections treated by use of the oil include cold and flu.


A fungal infection could be debilitating unless it is treated on time. Although there are medications for the treatment of the fungal infections, the best treatment lies in the use of the tea tree oil.

Immunity boost

The other role of the oil is that   it helps in immune boosting.  The only way to ward off the infections is to boost the body’s immunity.

Prevention of outbreak

Cold sores caused by the herpes virus can break out and recur. When this happens, you will have blisters which break to form a crust on the skin’s surface, the face or the area around the mouth. The outbreak could be debilitating if not treated on time. The use of the tea tree oil herpes is going to stop slowly down the outbreak, even if it will not cure the herpes.

Treating symptoms

The use of the oil has led to effective treatment of the symptoms. It offers quick and immediate relief from the herpes when applied within hours after the outbreak.

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